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Two Lasses Rum

Two Lasses Rum is an innovative, exciting spirit family made…

Two Lasses Rum is an innovative, exciting spirit family made from scratch in the UK. 

Stylish, quirky, bold, vibrant, strong and brave, our brand is there to empower EVERYONE to be who they are and follow their dreams – just as our founders Rebecca Allinson and Lindsey Harrison have done in creating the brand.

Passionate about their home county of Yorkshire, but not defined by or restricted to it, these two strong, empowered and independent women are out to shatter the  cliches of rum, pirates, sailors and – and all those tired old tropes – they’re doing just that with their stunningly smooth rum and deliciously twisted liqueurs.

While far too many brands import rum and blend or bottle it here, Two Lasses is made from scratch in the UK – it’s authentic, proud and made of Northern spirit. Just like its founders. 

Our lasses first found their mutual love of all things rum on holiday, just like countless other sun-loving tourists before them. The difference is, they weren’t content to simply look back on those memories – no, they bottled them, capturing the essence of the Caribbean with a uniquely Northern twist.