Bridesmaid Box – Diablesse Rum


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What’s included?

Beautiful white gift box 

Luxury glass to enjoy your rum

Diablesse Rum (100ml) – Hibiscus & Coconut

Totally unique and is the only one of its kind in the world. 100% natural, this rum is flavoured with fresh coconut and floral hibiscus with notes of frangipane and maraschino cherries. Made with Demerara rum from GUYANA’S famous Diamond Distillery using traditional pot and column methods dating back hundreds of years, this makes a beautiful drink over ice or in one of our fantastic DIABLESSE cocktails.

Merchant Heart Hibiscus Mixer (200ml)

It has a balance of fruity and citrus-forward flavours within the mix providing a wonderful contrasting flavour profile. The core citrus of lemon and lime is complimented by a soft hint of hibiscus flowers. The hibiscus is also supported with a touch of pear that rounds out the flavour and brings a little more body to it.

Artisan Pink Citrus Tonic (200ml)

Pair your rum with fresh pink grapefruit & bold blood orange flavours will lift your spirits to new levels. Find out more about Artisan Drinks here.

Rose Petals Jar

Garnish your rum with rose petals to enhance the flavour and give your rum an extra touch!


Whilst Spirit Sisters is growing we are asking for pre-orders and only have a small batch of 10 boxes but if this box set sells well we will restock this gift box.

If you decide to pre-order this wonderful box,  it would be great if you could let us know how we did.


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Bridesmaid Box - Diablesse Rum


9 in stock