Mothers Day – 58Gin Box Set


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What’s included?

Beautiful bespoke box in two different designs.

Luxury hi ball glass to enjoy your G&T.

58Gin – English Berry (5cl)

Made with the same skill and care as our London Dry gin, we macerate foraged sloe berries for six months before adding them to the distillation process itself, creating a full-bodied berry kick in a gin that’s still crystal clear.

58Gin – Navy Strength (5cl)

Smooth and powerful; we have created the ultimate in Navy Strength gin – 58@ 57%. Full-bodied, characterful but with all the finesse and balance of our London Dry Gin, the intense flavour makes this a natural base for exploring cocktails at home.

58Gin – Apple & Hibiscus (Pink Gin)

Though all our Cox’s apples are waste or surplus, they’re always fresh, sweet and crisp. Mixed into the botanical basket with a sprinkling of bitter hibiscus flowers, they create a perfectly balanced artisan pink gin that’s every bit as smooth and premium

58Gin – London Dry

This is an artisan gin crafted to be exceptionally smooth. Distilled very slowly at the lowest possible temperature, we only take a tiny cut from the heart of each run. Beautifully bottled at 43% abv, it truly is gin from the heart.

Find out more about  58Gin here.

Pink Citrus Tonic (200ml)

Pair your gin with fresh pink grapefruit & bold blood orange flavours will lift your spirits to new levels. Find out more about Artisan Drinks here.

Artisan Agave Lemon Tonic (200ml)

A citrus kick of natural organic lemon, fresh chilli and rock salt make up this quintessential Latin mix. Find out more about Artisan Drinks here.

Juniper Berries Jar

Garnish your gin with a sprinkle of juniper berries to bring out those delicate flavours.

Rose Petals Jar

Garnish your gin with rose petals to enhance the flavour and give your G&T that extra touch!


Whilst Spirit Sisters is growing we are asking for pre-orders and only have a small batch of 20 boxes but if this box set sells well we will restock this gift box.

If you decide to pre-order this wonderful box,  it would be great if you could let us know how we did.


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Mothers Day - 58Gin Box Set


Out of stock