Mothers Day – Copper in the Clouds Gin Box Set


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Copper in the Clouds is produced from a farm in Hertfordshire, striving to make the very best spirits and package them in a way that delights.

What’s included?

Beautiful bespoke box in two different designs.

Drink Scented Natural soya candles with a cocktail twist – you can choose your flavour.


Copper in the Clouds Gin – Lychee & Raspberry (50ml)

8 bright botanicals including fresh garden mint and whole Sicilian lemons. Infused with oriental lychees and fresh British Raspberry juice. Zero added sugar, all the sweet flavours and aromas comes directly from the fruit, with a beautiful natural pink hue.

Copper in the Clouds Gin – Flowerbomb (50ml)

This is a super premium floral dry gin which draws inspiration from their local wile meadows in springtime. True organic beauty, reflected in a spirit, distilled on a farm in Hertfordshire. Packed with floral botanicals for the most sophisticated palates, layers of floral flavour greets you with every sip. Attar of roses geranium, lavender,  calendula, rose petals, orange blossom and chamomile all feature in the botanical bill.

Copper in the Clouds Gin – Mango & Black Pepper (50ml)

In 2014, a company commissioned a group of food scientists to look in depth at what the best possible garnish was for a G&T. The answer, surprisingly, was a slice of mango and cracked black pepper. This gin is infused with these flavours directly into the gin using fresh, ripe mango and the best peppercorns available.

Artisan Violet Blossom Tonic (200ml)

Pair your gin with this violet virtuoso blends floral flavours, fragrant herbs & refreshing citrus notes. Find out more about Artisan Drinks here.

Artisan Amalfi Lime Tonic (200ml)

Aromatic citrus concerto is inspired by the fresh flavours of the Amalfi Coast with zesty lime, peppery rosemary, lemon verbena with a fruity finale of fragrant bergamot. Find out more about Artisan Drinks here.


Whilst Spirit Sisters is growing we are asking for pre-orders and only have a small batch of 20 boxes but if this box set sells well we will restock this gift box.

If you decide to pre-order this wonderful box,  it would be great if you could let us know how we did.


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Mothers Day - Copper in the Clouds Gin Box Set


Out of stock