The Heath Gin South Gift Box


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Spirit Sisters are thrilled to be launching a new gin gift box with The Heath Gin. The small-batch artisan London Dry Gin was conceived on the iconic Hampstead Heath. The ancient area and its rich history inspired the creation of our little libations; fusing native botanicals with the heritage of British distillation. We put purity and taste above all else, bottling a range of masterfully distilled spirits with zero percent methanol.

What’s included?

Beautiful bespoke box in different designs

Heath Gin –  London Dry (50ml) x two bottles

The Superior London Dry Gin is infused with sixteen botanicals including key ingredients native to Hampstead Heath; dandelion, rose petals, mountain ash, and burdock. They’ve distilled these local London elements alongside classic gin staples such as pink grapefruit, orange, kaffir lime leaves, grains of paradise and cubeb pepper to create a smooth richly aromatic gin with a unique character. A supremely pure, and classic London Dry Gin.

Heath Gin –  Raspberry & Rose (50ml) x two bottles 

This complex gin starts as a London Dry Gin and champions local Heath botanicals of rose, raspberry, and rowan. Infused with a total of sixteen botanicals including burdock root, mountain ash, dandelion, pink grapefruit, orange, kaffir lime leaves, and grains of paradise. We then reduce down with rose water and raspberry juice to the desired 42% ABV to produce a really classic, clean, single-shot distilled gin.

Merchant Heart – Hibiscus Mixer (200ml)  

Delicate and fruity sweetness with a soft bitterness and a gentle rose tint.

Merchant Heart – Tonic Water (200ml)  

This Tonic Water has been meticulously crafted to offer the perfect balance of flavours, and a superlative and long-lasting bubble. The initial aroma of the Tonic Water is fresh citrus which makes way for a soft roundness of bitter quinine. When sipped, the body of the Tonic Water drops away, allowing your spirit of choice to shine through before the long citrus and soft quinine bitters linger at the end.

Garnish included – dried edible rose petals and juniper berries


Whilst Spirit Sisters is growing we are asking for pre-orders and only have a small batch of 10 boxes but if this box set sells well we will restock this gift box.

If you decide to pre-order this wonderful box,  it would be great if you could let us know how we did.


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The Heath Gin South Gift Box


Out of stock