AB Gold Rum Gift Box



Spirit Sisters are ready to launch our next drinks experience for Rum lovers! Pre-order our new Rum Box to receive it within the next two weeks, you’ll have to be fast as we only have 10 boxes in stock.

What’s included?

Beautiful Black Magnetic Gift Box

2 AB Gold Branded Rum Glasses


AB Gold Jamaican Rum (200ml)

Award-Winning Golden Rum. Perfected in Yorkshire.

AB Gold is a premium golden rum. Created from only the finest traditional pot-stilled, triple oak barrel-aged Jamaican rums from virgin Caribbean sugar cane. It embodies distinctive rich caramel tones with mild influences of vanilla and accents of fruit. Enjoy a unique intensity of flavour that’s perfectly smooth and warming over ice and doesn’t get lost in a mixer or your favourite cocktail. The naturally golden colour comes from the oak barrels. No artificial additives or colouring.

1 Bottle of Artisan Fiery Ginger Beer Mixer (200ml)

Sometimes Dark & Stormy with the kick of a fiery mule. This uniquely spirited lady combines a classic, cloudy Ginger Beer with a hint of chilli. The combination of African ginger & chilli added to pure water and cane sugar makes our Fiery Ginger Beer an unapologetically bold partner for premium bourbons & rum.

1 Bottle of Artisan Barrel Smoked Cola Mixer (200ml)

We tip our hat to Smokey Joe, a man who likes to put his own spin on an old favourite – just like our Barrel Smoked Cola. We’ve ramped up the flavour by creating barrique barrel aged smoky top notes to complement the cola nut bitterness. Our Barrel Smoked Cola is a southern classic that makes an exciting addition to your dark spirit of choice.

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Caribbean, Clementine Spiced


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AB Gold Rum Gift Box


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