Spirit Sisters are ready to launch our new miniature drinks experience for Cocktail Enthusiasts with our new Cocktail Gift Box. This beautiful Cocktail Gift Box with Glass and candle make a fantastic gift for a special occasion or birthday treat for your family or friends!!

What’s included?

Beautiful Valentines, Mothers Day or special occasion Gift Box 

Dried lime garnishes

Beautiful Cut Glass Cocktail Coupe Glass

Valentines or Mothers Day candles – (please confirm which candles you would prefer)


Tom Savano Passionfruit Martini x 1 bottle – (100ml each) 

Smooth, sweet and decadent, this irresistible cocktail layers Argentinian Fairtrade passionfruit with creamy vodka, Madagascan vanilla and a hint of tart lime. A summer sunset in a glass.

Tom Savano Margarita x 1 bottle – (100ml each) 

A crisp and refreshing cocktail, Tommy’s Margarita combines the golden flavours of aged tequila with lip smacking tangy lime, sweet agave, our own secret bitters and a hint of smokiness.

Tom Savano Espresso Martini x 1 bottle – (100ml each) 

This luxurious cocktail blends roasted coffee liqueur from Australia, crisp vodka, vanilla and a hint of dark chocolate, leaving a lingering, candied finish, and a rich mocha palate.

Tom Savano Lychee Martini x 1 bottle –  (100ml each) 

Deliciously floral, yet complex and strong, this cocktail layers the irresistible sweetness of lychee with organic English elderflower vodka, and our own signature blend of dry Italian vermouths.



Whilst Spirit Sisters is growing we are asking for pre-orders and only have a small batch of 10 boxes but if this box set sells well we will restock this gift box.

If you decide to pre-order this wonderful box,  it would be great if you could let us know how we did.


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Tom Savano Cocktail Gift Box


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